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My most favorite writing comes from experiences and my latest experience has been delivered up via an unexpected electronics failure. Several years ago (seems like just one or two but is more like three or four) we bought a nice but small flatscreen TV made by Sharp. The TV we were replacing was hundreds of years old (probably the first one invented) and had survived ownership by a house full of college-age boys, several moves, and a final transport back to our house. This unit traveled well and performed well until the very end. It’s only major issue was an annoying high-pitched squeal that would appear about 15 minutes after start-up. We must have gotten used to the squeal because after a time, our friends would comment on it but we didn’t really notice the sound.

So, to replace the TV with annoying squeal, we bought our Sharp. To be more specific, we bought a Sharp, 32-inch, digital flatscreen device with all the bells and whistles. We thought we got a pretty good deal until 6 months AFTER we bought it (of course) the price dropped about $800. (heavy sigh) That is typical of electronics I suppose.

Enter the Sharp and good times with digital display although I am not sure I really wanted to see the nose hairs of those football players during the Super Bowl. However, we soon found that TV was not enough so we needed a DVR (enter the Tivo unit), movie service (thank you Netlix) AND an increase in cable costs to cover digital signal and yet another box or two under the TV.

Things rolled along quite nicely for several years (or maybe more as I said before…time kinda speeds up when you get older). We got used to seeing nose hairs and pimples and levels of detail we had not been accustomed to. In fact, we soon found it hard to watch signals that weren’t digital (another sigh). Oh, the things we get used to. At any rate, last week, we turned on the Sharp and heard a noise (reminiscent of the old TV) that quickly escalated in pitch and passed beyond the level of human hearing. About twenty minutes later, the sound went off completely. For a few days, this kind of bizarre behavior continued until finally, the sound went out completely. Now, we just have pretty pictures and no noise.

After the second night in a row of watching TV with no sound (and hoping against hope that it would return), I looked at my husband and asked…”Do we really need TV?”. I just did not want to face hauling the set down to the fix-it place and the ensuing charges or worse the “well, your TV is too far gone and you need a new one” expenditure. So my wonderful husband looks at me and says…”I can live without it if you can”. The gauntlet had been thrown down and the challenge accepted…live without TV (at least until the football playoffs next year…hahhaha).


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