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1000m in about 25 minutes

No workout yesterday due to scheduling issues (meetings at work). Plus, I don’t do well with afternoon workouts. Guess I need to get over that if I am going to train for an Ironman next year.

This morning, I went to the gym around 5:15 with a plan to swim 1000 m (20 laps) straight. That is the distance of the swim on Sunday, and I wanted to see how long it would take. I revert to my awkward “breath every stroke” style when swimming longer distances, so that is what I did today. The 1000m went pretty well and I completed the distance in about 25 minutes. I felt pretty good most of the time and was even able to “kick it in” at the end. I feel more confident now about the swim later this week.


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Went to Lifetime for swimming after work today. I almost didn’t go but decided around 4 pm that I should. Had great intentions of swimming a mile but again only got to 20 laps. Not that I couldn’t do another 10 mind you but right now I am just not motivated. So…I decided to get motivated and sign up for the Master’s swim program at Lifetime. I can go T/TH nights from 7 – 8:30 and get my swimming fix for the week. I am sure I will get WAY more than I am planning on but working out with others will be so good for me.

Tomorrow is bike and run day.

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Today was a running & swimming day. Did both at Lifetime Fitness.

RUNNING – Scheduled to run 40 minutes but decided to go for distance instead of time today. Ran 4.4 miles in 44 min, 46 seconds. That’s not a bad pace for me. I am not yet up to my 6.5 distance for the Quarterman but will shoot for running 6 on Sunday. Felt pretty good the whole way today and hamstring not too much of a bother. Did want to stop SEVERAL times on the last lap (I have been doing laps near Lifetime) but kept going and got through it.

SWIMMING – Swam 1000 meters today as follows:

  • 250 m kick with fins
  • 250 m kick with Pull Buoy
  • 250 m freestyle with fins
  • 250 m freestyle

I am able to do an entire 50 now breathing every 1.5 strokes and that is a great improvement.

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AND THE SCHEDULE SAYS…50 minute run and 1500 meter swim…

Woke up to an absolutely beautiful day in Arizona. Finally! The weather has started cooling off. Yeah!!!! I am three weeks out from the SOMA quarter Ironman and am on track for what I hope will be a good race. My plan today was to head over to Lifetime Fitness and run 50 minutes on the street near the gym. There is a nice flat loop section there that is about 1.4 miles long. Then, I would head into the pool area and swim my 30 laps for a swimmer’s mile.

RUNNING: iPod tunes ready to rock I headed out for my run. Felt very sluggish today (could it be the big meal and the Sangia I had last night? No way!) and really had trouble getting warmed up. I have a muscle in the back of my right leg that has been troublesome for several months and today was not exception. After the first loop I thought things might improve but not really. After 27 minutes, I stopped running and went into 8 min run and 2 min walk mode. I never really did get loosened up completely although there were brief moments during the run when I did feel good.

STATS: 53 minutes, 5 miles, 500 calories

SWIMMING: After the run I headed into the gym and made my way to the pool. I swam 5 laps (50 meters each lap) of kick board with fins, then 5 laps of pull-buoy, the 5 laps of freestyle with fins. Somewhere between 12 and 15 laps I started getting really bad cramps in my feet (maybe from the running?). After finishing the 5 laps of freestyle with fins I did 5 laps of freestyle no fins (25 m hard then 25 m easy). The foot cramps would not go away, so I called it a day at 20 laps.

STATS: 1000 m, 200 calories

Tomorrow is a bike and swim day. I will bike to work (36 miles round trip) then head over to the gym and swim 1500 meters.

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