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Been thinking a lot about garbage lately and how much we (in America, anyway) use and throw away. So, I am starting a project to learn more (research) about recycling and reusing the stuff that I would normally throw away. Today I started with shoes. I have lots of pairs of athletic shoes and many of them are close to being “done”. I normally send them out to pasture, so to speak, and use them to mow the yard for awhile. Then, I throw them away. Today, I decided to take a different “track” (har har) and did some research on recycling athletic shoes. I found out that Nike has collection bins (some outside and some inside) where you can drop off your old athletic shoes.  They even have a website called Nike Re-Use a Shoe that shows you what they do with the shoes (making surfaces for running tracks, basketball courts, and tennis courts) and a national map to help you locate drop-off centers.

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So, today, I dropped off two pairs of old athletics shoes at the bin in Kiwanis Park (Tempe, Arizona). It may not be much but my local landfill is two pairs lighter today.

When I got home, I decided to continue my research and find out what else people do with used athletic shoes. There are lots of places that donate them to worthy recipients and there seem to be endless directories of places that will take shoes you no longer need:

And for other types of shoes:

These sites have pages that show drop-off locations in all parts of the country so you hopefully would not have to ship your shoes.

So, don’t throw them away if you don’t have to. Research, Recycle, Reuse! Every little bit helps someone in need and saves space in our landfills and, yes, Mars, it is the shoes!

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