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Ride to work and back day…34 miles…2.5 hours total.

Rode the tri-bike to work today as I am in final prep the Sunday’s triathlon. Set a personal record on the way to work (1 hour, 10 minutes). Riding home was a bit slower as I was tired and had a head wind during the last 3.5 miles (always, right?).


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Total distance 17.89 miles. Not really workout pace.

A pre-ride for the Quarterman was scheduled for today at 6:15 am, so I headed down to Tempe Beach Park along with about 150 or so other bikers. Purpose of the ride today was familiarization with the course for next week. Ride was not intended to be a workout and it was great to ride the course and get a feel for it. Tomorrow I will go back to the park and complete the running course.

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Headed out for a long bike ride today. Temperatures finally cooled down (yeah!) as I think summer may finally be gone. My neighbor is competing in the same triathlon I am (SOMA Quarter Ironman in two weeks!), so we decided to do some bike training together.

Today’s route…48th street down to Chandler then Fry then Pecos followed by two laps on Pecos then home. Beautiful day…serious headwind when going west. I was only able to keep about a 14 mph pace into the wind but when we turned around more like 24 – 25. Wow! That was some tailwind!

Felt good most of the ride until the last few miles. I think I was just tired of the wind.

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