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Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Thursday, June 10 about 8 am.

After getting unpacked and settled and caught up on email in my room yesterday, I thought I would lay down for a short nap. Six hours later, I awoke to the sounds of pouring rain and realized I had slept through any chance of dinner. No worries, though. Skipping a meal or two is not the worst thing in the world so I just went back to sleep.

It’s pretty hot and muggy here as this is the rainy season. My friend Rick who lives here tells me that there are two seasons in Cambodia: dry and hot and wet and hot. So, this must be the wet and hot season. My room supposedly has A.C. although I am thinking maybe they meant ceiling fan only as there is one of those. There is some strange looking device over in the corner that looks like a heater. However, I can’t imagine ever needing heat here so maybe that IS the air-conditioner. Will check it out later today.

Waking up early around here is not a problem at all thanks to the local roosters. Once awake (around 5:20 am),it  took me forever to sort my junk and figure out what I am taking with me out into the world today and where to put everything I am not taking.  I then needed to sink-wash the clothes I wore yesterday and hang them out to dry. Hoping they will be dry by tomorrow. Not sure with all the humidity.

Internet access is great here! I had a Skype call early this morning (during a few waking hours around 1 am ) from a friend in Idaho. We talked for 20 minutes with video no problem.

Around 6:15 am, I headed down to breakfast. The guesthouse here has a large dining room with all sorts of advertisements on the walls for local tours and trips. I searched the menu quickly and decided on vegetable soup and tea. I must say…for $1.85 that is the best tasting meal I have had in awhile. Amazing.

The dining room scene is interesting with several long tables for guest seating, a check-in desk near the entry, and a kitchen/cooking area on the other side. Access to the sleeping rooms is via very (and I mean VERY) narrow stairs reaching like octopus tentacles off the main entry room. I am sure I reach a good exercise-level heart rate just walking up to my room which is not a bad thing at all.

During meals, the guest-house staff kind of mill around waiting for people to place orders or to clean up. What looks like the main manager talks to people about day trips, arranges transportation, and checks people in. When you eat a meal, you write all your items in a little book assigned to your room then you pay when you leave. Seems like organized chaos just like the other things here and the system appears to work pretty well.

Today’s goals are small which is great when you are in a place you really don’t know. If I can find a place to buy water, soap, and toilet paper then go to the palace to take pictures I will be doing great. Lunch will be out at a local restaurant then over to Rick’s with the other teachers and their families for hot dogs and ice cream. More and pictures later!


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