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Run 4 miles, 44:44 then bike commute to work 17.5 miles (got a ride home)

Post election day is here. What a better way to celebrate than with a good workout? Decided to run BEFORE riding today as I am training for a half marathon on December. Switched off the Tucson half and am now going for the Scottsdale Fiesta Bowl half. The $ started adding up for Tucson and logistical strain so Scottsdale is cheaper and less hassle.

Run/walk is working well for me right now. Today I ran 2 miles straight then ran/walked the next two. Overall time is still around 11 minute mile which will easily get me in under 2.5 hours for the half. I find that the running is getting easier though dropping about 10 pounds would make it more so. Not sure if that will happen until I start training again for the next triathlon on April.

Bike ride after the run was very difficult probably because my training has slacked off a bit in the last few weeks. Felt very tired on the ride and took me longer than usual to get to work. I managed to get a ride home which was nice even though riding would have been a better workout.


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Ride to work and back day…34 miles…2.5 hours total.

Rode the tri-bike to work today as I am in final prep the Sunday’s triathlon. Set a personal record on the way to work (1 hour, 10 minutes). Riding home was a bit slower as I was tired and had a head wind during the last 3.5 miles (always, right?).

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Took a couple of days off to nurse a tweaky muscle in the back of my right leg and because my schedule got busy with no time for training. Got back on the horse today with the following workouts:

BIKE COMMUTE TO WORK – Left the house about 6:45 (later than I wanted). But, the mornings are very nice now and the sun comes up later anyway. Had a fantastic ride with a new PR of 1 hour, 14 minutes from my house to work. Woohoo!!!

RUN – Hung out in my office for a short time to rest a bit then headed over to the outdoor track. “Ran” 3 miles in just over 32 minutes. Bottom line for me is that I am NOT a runner. I don’t like running, and I am not any good at it. But, I did run about 20 minutes straight then ran/walked the rest. I still did the 3 miles in very decent time considering the walking I did. I have to remember that my ultimate goal is not to break any land-speed records for running but to fit the running into my overall triathlon effort in a reasonable enough time.


Actually rode only to the rock gym near ASU to work out with Greg. I was tired but made it there in about 45 minutes. We climbed for about an hour (6 climbs) and called it a nightl

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