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Written: Monday, June 21 around 5 pm concerning events Thurs, June 17 – Sunday, June 20

After the heaviness of the Killing Fields and Genocide Museum, I was looking forward to a trip to Siem Reap and Angor Wat to lighten things up a bit. On Thursday, I checked out of OKAY Guesthouse, hopped on board Mr. Darith’s trusty tuk-tuk and headed to Rick’s place to drop off some luggage and meet Navy and Natila.

A short ride to the Mekong bus station at around 1:30, and we got checked in and ready to go. The bus was huge and thankfully had A.C. and a toilet to make the 6-hour journey more pleasant. Riding through the Cambodian countryside as we passed rice fields and country huts was an experience to say the least.

Houses on the Road to Siem Reap

Another experience was our snack stop a couple hours from our destination. Navy and Natila purchased a rather large bag of fried crickets and munched on them for the next two hours. I tried to psych myself into eating one, but I just couldn’t do it. No wonder I don’t see bugs around here to speak of. All the crickets and grasshoppers and roaches get turned into snacks!

Pick your snack! Roaches, crickets, or Grasshoppers.

We arrived at the town of Siem Reap and were picked up by a tuk-tuk and headed to Two Dragons Guesthouse for three nights. For $25 a night, we stayed together in a giant room with two large beds, A.C., and wireless. The accommodations were very nice and the restaurant food was fantastic.

Over the next three days, we visited many, many temple sites around Angor Wat park. I do not know nearly enough history about these places to speak intelligently, but I took tons of pictures. I will say that these people knew what they were doing from an architectural standpoint. Not only were the temple structures themselves intricate and amazing but the carvings and other artwork on the walls must have taken many hands a long time to complete. I kept kidding the girls that what people did before TV and electricity was to build and carve cool and intricate things.

Angkor Faces

So, here are just a very few pictures from the three days. I took many and lots more are posted (or will be soon) on the Flickr site. Our trip home was uneventful except for the loss of A.C. on the bus halfway back. Made for a very sweaty trip back but we made it just fine.

Temple of Bayon in Angkor Wat

Temple Carvings in Angkor Wat

Trees Like Dinosaurs in Angkor Wat

I am now in a new place called the Mittapheap Hotel as I decided to upgrade from the OKAY Guesthouse for my last few days here. Unfortunately, last night, I experienced an attack of something unpleasant due to something I recently ate. But, good medicine and a day in bed have worked wonders.


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