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This semester, I took on the challenge of keeping up with, lurking, participating when I can with an online Digital Storytelling class offered by Jim Groom through the University of Mary Washington. The past few weeks have been a total bust per even the level of lurking, but this week I found a little time and became intrigued by one of the assignments called The Four Icon Challenge. The challenge is to find four icons that boil a movie down to its essence and then arrange them in order. Then, other people try and guess the movie title.

I find this assignment intriguing for two reasons. First, I am a visual-holic and in my secret life (is that second life?) aspire to become an artist (even though I only dream about it). So, the visual aspect of the icons has a strong pull for me. Second, I believe that to boil things down to their essence you have to study them and understand them at deep level. As Mark Twain said, “if I had more time, I would write a shorter letter”.

Without further ado, then, and too much writing…is my contribution to the assignment 4 Icon Challenge. Can you guess the movie title or even what it is about?


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For our first assignment in the ds106 storytelling class, we were asked to create a short digital piece that tells a recent story as a way of introduction. I guess an ongoing story in my life is my quest for balanceĀ  and for a deeper connection to life. As part of that quest, I have attended a variety of meditation sessions and retreats. My most recent experience with this “activity” was through a local Rinzai Zen Center in Tempe. The pictures in the attached video come from two sessions I attended. One was in Jemez Springs, NM and the other was in Mt. Baldy, CA. My hope with the video is to introduce those who don’t know me, and those who do, to the part of me that attempts to find peace and calm and engages in reflection.

Moments of Zen

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Test post for ds106

This is a test post for digital storytelling class…test test test…testing!

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